Doctor on a Mission with Isabel Hunsinger, M.D.

August 10, 2021 Time-Love-Coffee-Peace Season 1 Episode 33
Doctor on a Mission with Isabel Hunsinger, M.D.
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Show Notes

During this episode, you'll meet my guest Dr. Isabel Bertran-Hunsinger. She's a doctor on a mission to bring healing and wellness into the lives of her patients via functional medicine. Learn how she was inspired by her beloved uncle, Dr. Julio Perez, and about her life-changing work with Dr. Patch Adams, who she traveled with as a clown doctor to refugee camps to lift people's spirits using the language of laughter. 

In addition, Dr. Isabel shares a deeply personal pivot point in her life with listeners, and pulls back the curtain on her struggles with mental health. Her journey to understand anxiety and depression, and treat it naturally, is now a big part of her healing work with her patients. 

Be prepared to listen, learn, and become empowered during this wonderful episode with Dr. Isabel Bertran-Hunsinger!

*For further information about Dr. Isabel and her work, please visit her website: https://doctoronamission.com/

*For additional information about the following topics mentioned in this episode, please visit:

The Free Bossy Brain Solution and Private Facebook Group:

The End of Alzheimer's FREE Masterclass:

To learn more about the 30-minute Discovery Session for the Bredesen ReCode 2.0 Protocol Program: https://doctoronamission.mykajabi.com/recode/discovery

*For more information about Lewy Body Dementia, and the diagnosis of actor and comedian Robin Williams, please visit this informative article from the Parkinson's Foundation: https://bit.ly/3jVEWK3

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