Central Florida Dementia-Friendly Dining Expands

May 21, 2022 Time-Love-Coffee-Peace Season 1 Episode 38
Central Florida Dementia-Friendly Dining Expands
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Show Notes

People living with dementia and their caregivers are familiar with the challenges of dining out. The good news is, things are changing for the better!

Join me and my guest during this episode, Dennis Dulniak, EdD, the founder of Central Florida Dementia-Friendly Dining, as we discuss the expansion of this wonderful program.

In addition to discussing the details of what dementia-friendly dining means for restaurant owners and their employees, Dennis shares his journey with his beloved wife Nancy, who lived with early-onset Alzheimer's. You'll learn about Nancy's lifelong love of books and how that love impacted her life, leading her to a career as a librarian. Dennis also relays how Nancy left a legacy that led to the creation of Nana's Books Foundation in her honor.

My guest also shares his personal journey with grief, describing how Nana's Books Foundation helped to transform his loss of Nancy, and how he's fueled by his mission to honor his late wife's legacy, turning his pain into a positive purpose while helping others.

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*For further details about the information mentioned during this episode, please see the following show notes:

Nana's Books Foundation:
Email: NanasBooks21@gmail.com
Nana's Books Foundation

Central Florida Dementia-Friendly Dining: https://www.centralfloridadementia-friendlydining.com/
Email Dennis Dulniak: cfldfd01@gmail.com

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